Why I do what I do

I enjoy bringing people together - in this society I feel like we are already too much on our own. As an artist I could decide to do small creative works in an attic for the rest of my life, but I only discover new ways of working when I magnify small sketches and try out different materials/ ways of working. I notice that my creativity comes alive when I share it with others, in whatever way. That is why I organize exhibitions. That's why I give workshops, though they are not about work. I know the challenges of being able to enjoy creativity, for the inexperienced as well as for professionals, and I know the possibilities of making something in the moment without being judgmental of yourself, the way young children can.

That is why I like to provide a setting in which that is possible. Meeting other people gives me energy (though I can be shy, LOL) . It would be great to connect while I’m organizing and hosting

Intuitive Painting-Creative Journeys, and get to know one another in a different way and to give others a quality way of being together.

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Feel free to get in touch! To find out more about my tastes and palettes Check Out My Blog!


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