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Painting Comissions

In 2021 I realised two mural paintings and a painting on wood, made to order for a client. I also realised a second painting on wood as a commission.

Order How To

If you are interested in a custom abstract painting and you like my style, I will provide you with sketches and you can take your pick.

Send an email to reinilde at yahoo com

To see more painting,

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murals and painting

The Coming of Cindy Claus (2019)

Experimental Art Film 


Learn more about video and film projects of Reinilde Jonkhout below, here on the homepage.  




The global, religious, tyrannical dictator Father figure that is Sinterklaas learns a lesson taught by the whip, handled by his long-lost lesbian twin sister Cindy Claus. He takes a turn for the feminine and undergoes ancient mid-winter rituals



The World Is her Oyster (2016)

The five senses represented here on women going out at night, signal sensuality and being in touch with one’s emotions. Women venturing into the city, exerting

their presence, ghosting around, leaving an imprint of their desire where they thread. These genies have left the bottle, and no-one can put them the fuck back in. Now relieved from the shame society has tried to put on their yearning, they celebrate their sex with joy, with all senses open.

Music by Ceasless

Bodypaint by Jess Graham

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The Feminazi's Are Coming (2012)

Censored by YouTube!

Women have always posed a dormant threat

to society...

...and now it is time to take action

This video was made before conspiracy theories

were taken seriously on the scale they now are.


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The Church of Lamé - Art Installation

Murals And Painting


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